Sunday, January 04, 2009

One other thing about the "Serial-number and register the ammo

For The Children" crap:
If you cast bullets, look for one of two things:
1: You'd have to take your bullets to some central site(one per state, restricted hours, just to make it more difficult) to have your bullets numbered and recorded, or
2: "That's not allowed anymore, no uncontrolled bullet production allowed, filthy peasant!"

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Windy Wilson said...

3. An assault Weapons ban including unlicensed lead ingots.
4. unlicensed molds

In either case, a mandatory 5 year sentence (making it a major felony, greater in severity of punishment than bashing in the head of the trucker Reginald Denney at the intersection of Florence and Normandy, Los Angeles, in 1992, which was 4 years after the smoke and dust settled and the law-abiding folk all went home).