Friday, October 03, 2008

And the bailout bandwagon goes on,

with effing California now talking about "Save us!"

Response: Screw you, California, and your little Ahnuld too. You screwed your budget, you fix it, dumbasses.

Oh, and next time Charlie Rangel(Tax Dodger-NY) opens his mouth to talk about 'responsibility', I hope someone kicks him in the testicles. Assuming they haven't atrophied.


Anonymous said...

They want to spend money they don't have, to heck with them. Let them wake up to reality.

OrangeNeckInNY said...

Is California vying to be the first state to participate in Obama's "Redistribution Of Wealth" edict?

Firehand said...

They've been doing that for years, which is why so many wealthy people have moved out.

Which they're finding out is a Bad Thing.