Saturday, October 04, 2008

Visitor for the weekend

Daughter and ex have gone to a sci-fi con for the weekend, and this beast does not like strangers and groups, so
This beast is currently sitting next to my chair, asking to sit in my lap. I'm not used to a small critter that looks kind of like a dogdog so small I'm worried about stepping on it being in the house. However, she seems used to keeping out of the way so she hasn't collected any sole marks. And she's properly housebroken, so little worry there.

But it's really ticking of Security Staff to have this furball inside the house.


BobG said...

A fine example of Mus latrans (barking mouse).

Fire said...

OH MY GOSH! Some of those dogs live at the house behind me.....all they do is bark, bark, bark! SHEEESH!

Firehand said...

This one, and the long-haired the ex has, are pretty good about that: bark at knocks on the door, occasionally at another dog and that's about it. Which has saved me from having to shoot one when I go over to see the daughter.

Fire said...

Well that's a good thing, then. No doubt a shot from one of your guns would just cause the little thing to explode...and that is not good. Where is the long haired one? Did they take that one with them, or is someone else watching it?