Saturday, October 04, 2008

Maybe a rope AND tar & feathers booth

After the word of the House vote yesterday, I managed to stop cursing and considering calling on ancient deities to bring a plague of boils and syphilis- never mind, many probably have the latter, let’s make it permanent hemorrhoids, bad ones- on many of the people in Congress before I wrote to my Rep. Mary Fallin, who changed her vote from ‘no’ to ‘yes’, thus causing me a certain amount of desire for a building collapse in DCheartburn. Along with all but two of the other OK reps(one of whom doesn’t count as he voted ‘yes’ the first time). At this point, I’m curious: just what DO we do about these bastards?

Everything I’ve been hearing says the calls and e-mails to pretty much EVERYBODY was running 90% ‘NO. HELL NO!’, and yet the did it anyway. I do realize this is a Republic, not a Democracy, but the God-cursed senators and reps are supposed to pay some attention to what the people who elect them say.

Add to that the parade of larcenous dirtbags standing on the floor of both Houses lecturing us about financial responsibility… Charlie Rangel, who’s defended by that bitch Pelosi by saying “He’s a simple man and didn’t understand the tax laws” THAT HE HELPED WRITE. Barney Frank, who is one of the bastards who saw to it that nothing was done about this years ago. Lecturing us. It made me want to see a meteor hit the Capitol so we could start over from scratch. Yeah, we’d lose the good ones, too; since so many of the ‘good’ ones turned around and voted for this abortion, what good are they? I have always thought Coburn in the Senate and Fallin were good ones; but Coburn voted for this end-run around the Constitution in the Senate- bullcrap theft and all- and Fallin changed her vote, so what the hell good are they?

Yeah, I’m still pissed. And I told both of them I am. Which, as their actions seem to indicate, means less than a bag of fertilizer to them.

There’s GOT to be enough lampposts in DC, and we can take enough rope…


Fire said...

If not, we can build some more.

Hoozyrdady said...

We vote them all out and get a new pack of potential scoundrels. Hopefully the newbies will take note and pay attention to voters, otherwise we get rid of them too.

Keep a list, and when election time rolls around spread the word, reminding them of what these cretins have done.