Monday, September 29, 2008

The bailout failed, which ended my thoughts on a new business:

putting up a booth on the DC Mall, selling pre-stretched and oiled hemp rope, each piece sold with direction on tying a proper hangmans noose.

Went out of town to visit some friends this weekend, and was listening to the radio on the way home as the vote counts were being announced. Including commentary on Pelosi looking like she'd bitten into something dairy that'd been left out in the sun. For a week or so. So the trip ended on a high note. I posted a couple of things over the weekend just so I wouldn't forget about them or get too busy on my return, otherwise, screw the internet.

Among other things done, there was a gun show so some of us spent Sunday morning there. And my Favorite Ammo Guy was there, which was very nice. You've probably noticed that not only have prices gone up, but most of the premium hollowpoint ammo is now found in 20-round boxes selling for what you used to buy a box of 50 for. This guy often has Hydra-Shok and Gold Dots in 50-boxes still, for a fair bit less than two of the 20-boxes, and he did. So I'm flush with carry ammo once again.

And now that I'm back, with laundry in the morning and work in the afternoon awaiting, I now return you to my normal bloggage.


Keith said...

Over the years that I've been visiting your Blog, I've learned a hell of a lot from you.

The previous most valuable was about Robert Peel's Pricipals.

You have now introduced me to Mencken.

I think I'll be reading a lot more of his thoughts.

I've just realised where I first saw Pelosi and Paulson:


Fire said...

Yes, Firehand. People have learned a lot from you. But I want to learn something else.....just how big is that barrel?

Firehand said...

Glad to have been of assistance, folks.

Fire, that's a very loaded question. In more ways than one. Let's just say depends on the game.

Fire said...

Firehand, I knew you were always loaded.