Thursday, October 02, 2008

Simple message for the 'public servants' who are in such a rush

to loot us. Again.

"Let me put it this way. We're told, over and over, that it's a 'crisis' and things have to be done NOW. And then we find out about all the giveaways and pork you people lard into this. That leaves us with two conclusions to choose from:
First, that it's NOT a crisis, just a bunch of politicians using this as another chance to loot our pockets to pay off their supporters and increase their power,
Second, it IS a crisis, and even in a crisis these people are willing to use it as a chance to buy support and increase their power, even if it trashes the country to do so.

So, which is it?"


Keith said...

"Payback" sounds about right.

Now that Ireland has guaranteed deposits in it's home owned banks with €400,000,000,000 of tax payers hard earned, there is a major incentive for people to move money out of the banks which came here to bring copetition to this cosy little un-competitive backwater, into the Irish owned banks.

Guess what?

Within one day of having their sins of profligacy absolved and the competition kicked in it's balls:

They're going to raise their charges on things like current (Checking) accounts...

In England, I NEVER paid charges on my current account, there was enough competition in the market that banks couldn't get away with it. There is not here and now.



markm said...

"So, which is it?"