Wednesday, October 01, 2008

"Screw the law; I'm Nanny Bloomberg, and I Know Best!"

Mr. Bloomberg, whose second term ends in 2009, is barred by law from running for re-election. So he will propose revising the city’s 15-year-old term limits law, which restricts him and dozens of other elected leaders to two four-year terms, those people said.
People briefed on the matter said Mr. Bloomberg, 66, would seek to change the law through legislation in the City Council. His staff is envisioning an unusual bill that would apply only to those currently in office, allowing them to serve three terms instead of two. A permanent change would require voter approval, these people said.
Translation: "I don't care what I said before, and I don't care what the voters think! I'm Nanny Bloomberg, the city NEEDS my leadership, so I(and my buttmonkeys, but let's don't mention them) need to be reelected and screw the term limits!"

Thanks to Sondra for noting this

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MauserMedic said...

Hey, if it's good enough for Hugo Chavez......