Monday, July 24, 2017

Well, hell, with crap like this coming to light

why WOULD you trust the system?
A Texas man is battling a court order that mandates he must pay tens of thousands in child support for a child whom he did not biologically father and whom he met only once.
This is utter bullshit.  And the woman should be prosecuted for fraud.  Or perjury.  Possibly both.

From the Dark and Fascist State of New Jersey.  With a side note from the People's Republic of Californicated.
New Jersey will consider allowing law enforcement officials to access the state's prescription drug monitoring database without a court order. 

The legislation, which was introduced Tuesday, is meant to combat the opioid crisis, but brings up questions of patient rights to privacy versus the government's ability to investigate so-called doctor shopping.

"Privacy?  What is this word, and why do you want people to die?"  etc.
In California, the Supreme Court ruled recently that the state Medical Board can dig through prescription drug records without a warrant or subpoena.
"Because we're saving you from yourselves, filthy peasants."

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Anonymous said...

That "child support" thing is actually VERY common. About ten years ago the Commonwealth of Kentucky actually had TWO men with the same name paying for one child. Nether of them were the father and the Commonwealth knew it. In Ky. it any child born to any woman you have spoken too in the last two years may be considered your responsibility for non-support. All she has to do is sign an claim that you are the father. At that point the man has NO CIVIL RIGHTS OF ANY KIND. He will be subject to a "bench trial" at which he can have an Att. who may not speak. He can apply for a DNA test which can(and will be) be denied and all rulings are secret and final. MEN may not file appeals. The woman gets 10 cents on every dollar collected. EVEN IF the woman testifies that the man is not the father he is almost always found guilty of nonsupport. The woman cannot be charged with any crime. This is an "Asset forfeiture" racket by another name. The state is after the money.