Wednesday, July 26, 2017

And while "Russia! Russia!" continues, most of the media ignores

the crooked Democrat IT aides.  And what they did.  And whatever the hell they might have been doing.

No telling what all there was in the past that we have no idea about.  People, things, civilizations...

Black lady finally gets a gun and carry permit; guess who has a REAL problem with it?

Ah, fresh news from the 'whatever the hell they might have done' department:
Fox News has learned that Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz plans to allow federal investigators to scan a laptop belonging to her as part of a complex probe into allegations of computer theft, over-billing and possible email hacking. 

U.S. Capitol Police have had the laptop for months and until now had been unable to get access. It's unclear why the Florida lawmaker and ousted Democratic National Committee chairwoman had been battling law enforcement over the computer; however, her counsel began negotiating this week with Capitol Police in connection with the probe.
'plans to allow', 'began negotiation with Capital Police'(y'know, the people she threatened for not giving the laptop to her?).  Such bullshit.


Arthur said...

'plans to allow', 'began negotiation with Capital Police'

Translation: Has had enough time to find someone actually competent to wipe the drive.

Grog said...

Here's some more details.