Monday, July 24, 2017

Had a chance to shoot one of these a few days ago

Yes, like the one an Eastwood character carried.  It's made by Cimarron in .38 Special.

How'd it shoot?  Very well.  If you look closely at the top rear of the barrel you'll see a small sight dovetailed in, and it works quite nicely with that front brass to put shots on the target.

The one distraction is that, with no topstrap, some of the flash from the barrel/cylinder gap is vertical, and in a not-very-bright range it definitely got your attention.

No, I do not need another .38.  I want one anyway.


Old 1811 said...

Since it has the cartridge-conversion receiver, with the loading gate and the bored-through cylinder, but the cap-and-ball barrel, with the loading lever but no ejector rod, how do you dump your empties?

Firehand said...

You lower the rammer rod, and the end comes off. It has a pin that you use to push out any empties that need it.