Thursday, July 27, 2017

"But you'd lose that primitive-village ambiance

we want you to keep!"
And yet global green campaigners endlessly spend money trying to prevent Africans from using fossil fuels, promoting renewable energy and trying to sell us little solar ovens. But this great generosity does nothing to address the horrible realities of people dying now – day after day, year after year. Greens worry constantly about Africans being exposed to insecticides. We worry about dying from malaria.

We don’t need enemies of humanity. What we need is financial and political support to conquer malaria, lung diseases and intestinal parasites. We need clean water and affordable, reliable electricity in our villages and cities. We need modern hospitals.

We need environmental activists to realize how important fossil fuels and hydroelectric plants are to having decent, healthy living standards, lights, computers, the internet, clean hospitals, clean water, and everything else modern countries have.

We need them to support us Africans in preventing malaria in the first place – which means we need more than bed nets. We need campaigners to recognize that we have the same rights as people in modern, rich, industrialized countries to decent living standards and modern technology.


Differ said...

They're missing the point. Africa is the way it is because it's full of Africans. If they really truly want [bed nets, DDT, hydropower] they'll find a way to make them instead of continually holding out the begging bowl to the West.
Only that will never happen because low IQ, corruption and tribalism.

Firehand said...

I remember Kim du Toit's piece on 'Let Africa Sink', which covered a lot of the problems.

Which doesn't change that a lot of idiot enviroweenie "We know what's best for you" clowns from the west keep getting in the way when the local citizens do try to change things.