Friday, July 28, 2017

A good point about some silly-ass things said about 'treasure troves'

Going through the Viking exhibit, for instance, we kept being told time after time how powerful women had been among the vikings, and also there were things like treasure troves, which in one case they said “was a woman’s treasure trove, probably to honor women in her ancestry.”  At which point I looked at the case enquiringly, because these idiots don’t seem to understand someone’s unearthed treasure trove is someone else’s panicked burial.
There is no way to even get in the mind frame of whoever wrote that card, except to say that they never new privation, need or threat in their entire lives.

Which brings us to the next part.  All through the exhibit, people told us over and over again that the Vikings were — contrary to legend — peaceful, peaceful I tell you.  Most of the Vikings were, after all, farmers and householders.

I wasn’t buying it.  Yeah, sure, most Vikings, if you count women, children, and people to old to go aViking, just stayed put.  But no civilization where dying in bed gets you sent to Hel (which was cold rather than hot but much like our Hell) is a peaceful one.  In the same way I didn’t buy the continuous reassurances there were as many women as men aboard those ships.  Cooeeeeee!  Really?

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