Thursday, July 27, 2017

"People don't respect us anymore!"

Stop doing crap like this and it'll help a lot with that.
In addition to criticizing the cops for their comically inadequate investigation, Lucero faults them for conducting "an excessive, SWAT-style raid" that gratuitously exposed the Hartes and their two young children to the trauma and risk of having seven armed men storm into their home early in the morning and forcibly confine them to their living room for two and a half hours while conducting an increasingly desperate search for nonexistent evidence of a marijuana grow. The officers took this aggressive approach even though there was no reason to think the Hartes posed a threat to them. "Even more concerning," Lucero says, "the officers timed the raid for when the Hartes' children would be home but failed to create any safety plan in anticipation of risks to the children." They even rebuffed a neighbor's offer to look after the children during the search.

"The defendants in this case caused an unjustified governmental intrusion into the Hartes' home based on nothing more than junk science, an incompetent investigation, and a publicity stunt," Lucero writes. "The Fourth Amendment does not condone this conduct, and neither can I."
Bullshit 'investigation', "Let's do it for publicity!" attitude, and using a SWAT team for no damned reason other than "It'll look good on the news!"

Throw in quite likely lying about their tests on the tea leaves.

I hope every one of the clowns involved in this has their qualified immunity yanked so the penalties have to come out of their own damned pockets.

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