Friday, June 02, 2017

I'm annoyed at Crimson Trace (updated)

Send a message with their contact form, wait couple of days, send again, still no response.  What the hell, guys?

Update: had to call, but got the answer: out of warranty.  Dammit.

Added: if anyone's wondering, I'm not annoyed because the lady I spoke with didn't say "It's way out of warranty, but we'll replace it anyway!" or something of the sort; what annoys me is two requests through their web site, two days apart, and the only way I got a response was to call them.


Anonymous said...

Call them. They have a 3 year warranty. The switch came off mine. They replaced it for free after "coaching" me on how long I had it. Good company with good service.


Larry said...

Companies need to learn how to instill customer loyalty. After your experience, how many CT products will you buy? How many will be put off by your telling the story to others. Marketing 101 stuff, especially given the low cost of goods for a CT grip...

Couple examples for you. About 10 years ago I bought an inexpensive "no name" red-dot for a range blaster AR. Didn't give it much thought until it died a few months ago. Did a search on the internet and found it was made by VX Optics (huh, I thought, they're the ones that sponsor some great TV; Steve Rinell's Meateater is a favorite!), and they offer a lifetime warranty. Wrote them an email and got an immediate response. Sent it in, and got a new one back in return. No receipt, no questions, no drama. 10 days from dead-at-the-range to sighting back in. I'm now a VX customer advocate for life: I've let many in my gun club know about this and will continue to do so (I also do range duty at my club, so I get the opportunity to share my opinions on gear, politics and life freely and often...).

Camelbak is another company who understands this. No matter how minor the problem, they make it right, and make it easy.

Firehand said...

I've used their site to contact them in the past, always got a quick response. That's what pisses me about this: two requests for assistance two days apart, no response at all, had to call them to find out what I needed. That's not how to run things.