Friday, June 02, 2017

From a friggin' tenured chair at Harvard...

 Apparently that Revolutionary War, and the unpleasantness thereof, wasn't really necessary.  Because Int'l Community.

Ted Cruz response:

And Iowahawk:
21h21 hours ago
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David Burge Retweeted Joyce E. Chaplin
Huh, and here I mistakenly thought it was pissed off anti-monarchy libertarians with guns. Thanks, Harvard U!

Harvard charges students how much per year?

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Jerry The Geek said...

You people are obviously unqualified to comment on the Rights of the Left.

They can do and say anything which pops into their heads.

You, on the other hand, risk censure from UNVETTED strangers whose claim to fame is that they agree with the Leftest Majority.

How DARE you speak up! Don't you realize that the Constitution is an outdated document, applicable only to .. for example ... Muzzle-Loaded rifles? (Don't get me STARTED on the 2nd amendment!)

And the First Amendment only applies to manually-operated printing presses?

Gee .. can't you guys get ANYTHING right?