Wednesday, May 31, 2017

And things like this, children, are why people hate politicians and lawyers.

“This is bullying by the city. There is no doubt about it,” said Collin County Judge Keith Self. He says the county rightly permitted the construction project because it falls in the city of McKinney’s ETJ -- or extra territorial jurisdiction. That’s a land bubble around McKinney that the city could annex someday, but hasn’t yet, so it’s still in the county. 

Judge Self says the law is clear on this. “Cities have no authorities under state law to regulate buildings in the ETJ," Self said.
While McKinney officials wouldn’t talk to WFAA about this on camera, they did tell WFAA that the city has a right to regulate planned subdivisions in its ETJ.

'COULD annex SOMEDAY'.  So they claim they can control it.

Bunch of city politicians and lawyers need to be looking for new jobs after the election.

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