Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Let's add one more screeching leftist asshole to the 'Chris Matthews' list:

You see, Smith lost a son in Benghazi, and she's still pissed at Hillary, and Shoals can't stand anyone, for any reason saying bad things about Clinton.  So the miserable little shit said this.

And then said nasty things about the people who got upset by it.

Asshole has now apologized.  Either there's some integrity hiding under the slime, or the heat just got too high.  But part of the apology...
Why did I do it? It certainly wasn’t intended as a literal threat on a woman’s life. If anything, it was an extremely ill-advised attempt at satirizing the overall climate of the RNC.
Yeah.  Saying what you did was an attempt at satire.  Sure.

You're a damned liar.  You said it because she was saying unkind things about Clinton, and you and Chris Matthews just can't deal with that. 

I'm sure there's a polite way to say just what I think of Shoals, but it's beyond me at the moment.

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