Tuesday, July 19, 2016

He's going to catch hell for this

The Black Panthers were black cats; the New Black Panthers are kittens.

I know, because I was a Black Panther. In our day, we protested and demonstrated for the right to join America, to participate in the American dream. This New Black Panther party believes begging white people is the key to success.

Black Lives Matter may as well change its name to “Black Lies Scatter” after the embarrassing and cowardly display in Dallas. When the gunfire started, BLM members scattered like children chasing down an ice cream truck. Police officers running toward the gunfire had to dodge self-serving “Black Warriors” running for safety.

I guess Black Lives do Matter… to white cops.

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mark leigh said...

The panthers of old engaged the black community in self improvement. BLM teaches nothing but how to throw a bigger tantrum while demanding special treatment.
And the Panthers were more dangerous.