Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Apparently using words used by someone else is a very big deal.

When it's not a Democrat doing it.

Of course, they don't care about Warren lying about her ethnic background,  either.  Or Biden plagiarizing part of a life.  Different when they do it.

Situational Awareness in Social Settings.  Good read.
Use the same skills as in any social setting (looking for contacts) with an additional focus. Does someone or something seem out of place? “What’s wrong in my right world?” Have some faith in your intuition.

Practice surveillance detection, especially when leaving. Remember that ordinary crime occurs around events, as well. Identify safe areas along your route in advance. Ask for security assistance if you’re uncomfortable with the situation. Have some faith in your intuition.

Watch for targeting indicators; paralleling, hard focus, forces surrounding, etc.
And goes from there.

Few days ago was the anniversary of the death of Jim Cirillo.  He wrote two books about his experiences, and I recommend them both.*

But it is worth pointing out one very significant feature of the original film: it was one of the most free market movies of the last several generations.  Consider the following:  The villain of the film – a Mr. Walter Peck – is an EPA agent who wants to regulate the Ghostbusters, does not know what he is doing, causes the problem, and then blames it on the private business.  Read that again.  Is there any other movie you can think of that does that?  Not me.

Ah, the wonders socialism has wrought in Venezuela!
“If my son Hugo was alive, this tragedy would never had happened to my Aníbal, he would have been in Cuba, getting treatment. The ministers are responsible for such negligence.”
Because in the Venezuela your Hugo created, he can't get decent treatment.

*I know, big deal; but Ayoob recommends them, and that IS a real recommendation.

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