Saturday, July 23, 2016

In the chronicles of "My ass 'nobody wants to take our guns!' ",

we have the asshat Clinton has chosen for VP.
During the June 26 airing of Meet the Press, Kaine told Chuck Todd that he voted for an “assault weapons” ban before and “would likely vote for it again.” But he stressed that he believes “limitations on the size of magazines and ammunition clips” is the first step to take.
On September 8, 2015–just two weeks after Vester Lee Flanagan used a legally purchased firearm to kill news reporter Alison Parker on-air–Kaine put forward a bill to hold licensed gun dealers liable for the misuse of firearms. The bill was designed to “raise the bar” and require more “accountability” on the part of gun sellers. The Roanoke Times reported that Kaine’s bill “would make gun sellers criminally liable for a bad sale if they didn’t take reasonable, affirmative steps to determine the customer met federal criteria.”
This is what the Evil Party wants in the Oval Office.

And the Stupid Party has given us Trump, and the Libertarian candidate keeps saying crap that doesn't sound libertarian at all.



Windy Wilson said...

Hold the retail sellers of firearms liable for the misuse of them by the purchaser? The Plaintiff's Bar (personal injury lawyers) are salivating at the thought of doing that, as the perceived deep pockets are those of the retail sellers, and the lawyers are eager to extend this to other things that have been determined by the court to be deadly weapons, particularly automobiles.

The change would be a no-brainer. Deadly weapon, a purchaser/user clearly not safe to use the auto, without a license, a sympathetic plaintiff(s), and a judge that does not want to shut anyone out of the court system, and a corporate auto dealership.

The change would happen in the time it takes to move the case to the Supreme Court after an automobile accident with the proper plaintiff and proper defendant.

Firehand said...

Yep. And the damage it would do to- well, everything- is something they don't care about.