Thursday, October 06, 2016

You're paying how much for this education?

...Recently, Deane gave the class a quiz, and one of the questions was, "What is your lab instructor's name? (if you don't remember, make something good up)." The lab instructor is a kind of teaching assistant, and indeed, Wahlbon couldn't remember her name. So he wrote in "Sarah Jackson."

"I picked a random generic name," said Wahlbon in an interview with Reason.

But "Sarah Jackson" is apparently the name of a pornographic model. When Wahlbon got the quiz back, his answer was marked "inappropriate" and he had received a grade of zero.
"Dear Keaton," he wrote. "I have no way of determining your intention. I can only consider the result. The result is that you gave the name of Sarah Jackson, who is a lingerie and nude model. That result meets with Title IX definition of sexual harassment. The grade of zero stands and will not be changed."

But- but Democrats keep assuring us that vote fraud is practically nonexistent!

Dear Libertarian Party: you picked these two clowns why?

"They taught me the kind of values that don't always make headlines, let alone the daily back-and-forth in Washington. Honesty and responsibility(one of which you despise, and the other you dodge). Hard work and toughness against adversity(Really?  Does that include whining and bitching when some media type actually asks you a real question?). Keeping your word, and giving back to your community. And treating folks with respect, even if you disagree with them," he added(So you honor honesty by lying your ass off?  And insulting and belittling anyone who causes you a problem?).

It's like the IRS wants to prove to everyone that it can no longer be trusted.

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