Monday, October 03, 2016

But just as Director Comey rightly objects to being regarded as a weasel,

I don’t much like being regarded as an idiot . . . which is what I’d have to be to swallow some of this stuff.
Join the club, guy.  With the difference that most of us aren't hardwired to presume the FBI’s integrity after some of the crap they've been caught in, most recently this.  And
There was no chance on God’s green earth that President Obama and his Justice Department were ever going to permit an indictment of Hillary Clinton. Jim Comey says he didn’t make his final decision to recommend against prosecution until after Mrs. Clinton was interviewed at the end of the investigation, and that he did not coordinate that decision with his Obama-administration superiors. If he says so, that’s good enough for me. But it doesn’t mean the director made his decision detached from the dismal reality of the situation. And whatever one’s armchair-quarterback view on how he should have handled it, that reality was not of his making.
sounds an awful lot like "Hey, he figured Justice wouldn't indict, so he recommended no prosecution, can't blame him for that."  Yes, we can; it means he made the decision based on politics, not the law, and his being so pissy about being called on it is bullshit.  That- again- makes this 'special rules for special people, so don't you peasants get the idea YOU'LL get the same breaks.'  And coming from the head of the EffingBI, that means "Why trust them?  'Equal Justice' my ass."

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Arbitrary and capricious enforcement of the law is the defining characteristic of tyranny. Legitimate governments don't act this way.

If they don't have to obey the rules that say they have to enforce the laws equally for everyone, well, doesn't that mean all the other rules have gone out the window too, including the ones where we do what they say?