Thursday, October 06, 2016

Dear Pennsylvania State Police:

When you act like the law doesn't apply to you, you give people reason not to trust you.
While there has always been an offline database that an officer could query if he/she had reasonable suspicion of a crime relating to the carrying of a firearm or the validity of a LTCF, there is no legal basis for disclosure of confidential LTCF information relative to a driving infraction or merely running one’s driver’s license. Furthermore, even if there was, it is illegal to disclose this information to individuals other than a law enforcement officer acting in the scope of his/her duties. As I understand the new system, it is being relayed to emergency responders, which may even include tow truck drivers that are part of the system.
So according to the law, that's a felony of the third degree.  But they're doing it anyway.  Because "We're the State Police, and we can do what we want."

It's not just the EffingBI, it's state a local agencies that have rotted.

But if you have a problem with it, you're a cop-hating type who wants them dead.

Way to build that public trust, guys.

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