Friday, October 07, 2016

What a difference a few years makes, huh?

“What I would do on the immigration, you know, comprehensive reform is this,” Kaine says. He continues, “I would require those who are here illegally to sort of raise their hand and come forward and say ‘we broke the law.’
“By admitting that you’re breaking the law you’re going to have that as a criminal violation, as a legal violation and you’re going to have to pay a penalty and it’s going to be a significant penalty that you will pay over a period of time, whether it’s a fine or whether it’s an escalated tax rate, you’re going to have to pay that. We would take that money that was being paid by those who have come here unlawfully and we would use it to increase border security.”
That's the Democrat VP candidate, who currently wants to basically throw the borders open.  Seems to have changed his mind on same-sex marriage and abortion, too.

More about that 'almost nonexistent voter fraud' we're not supposed to worry about.
According to a 2012 Pew Research Center survey, one out of eight American voter registrations is inaccurate, out-of-date, or a duplicate. Some 2.8 million people are registered in two or more states, and 1.8 million registered voters are dead.

Even though that’s a rich vein of potential mischief for fraudsters, the Obama administration hasn’t filed a single lawsuit in eight years demanding that counties clean up their voter rolls, as they are required to do by the federal “motor voter” law. I’ve spoken to three Justice Department lawyers who attended a meeting on Nov. 30, 2009, in which they claim then-deputy assistant attorney general Julie Fernandez said the DOJ would not be enforcing that provision of the motor voter law because it  ran counter to the law’s overall goal of “increasing turnout.” (Ms. Fernandez did not respond to repeated requests for comment.)
Because to the Evil Party an increased turnout of vote fraud is a feature, not a bug.  And they don't want to discourage it.

Professional Journalism from the Clinton News Network:
Just this week, the pro-police group Blue Lives Matter charged that the network deceptively edited video of the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. The full video, taken by his wife Rakeyia, featured officers repeatedly telling Scott to "drop the gun." In the video aired on CNN, no such demands were shown.
"Burnin' down s—t ain't going to help nothin'! Y'all burnin' down s—t we need in our community," Sherelle said. "Take that s—t to the suburbs. Burn that s—t down! We need our s—t! We need our weaves. I don't wear it. But we need it."

CNN ended the clip after Sherelle told her neighbors to stop burning down their own neighborhoods, and added a chyron that claimed she was "calling for peace" when she was in fact encouraging them to take the violence elsewhere. CNN eventually apologized for the error and corrected their report.
Yeah.  After they'd done the damage.

However, “inaccurate intelligence” doesn’t fully describe the whole story. A closer examination of the run-up to the Libya debacle on September 11, 2012 leads to the irrefutable conclusion that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knowingly armed radical Islamist terrorists in Libya
Which also means Obama & Co. knew, and approved.

More pleasant subject, Ruger has a re-make of the LCP, which has actual sights.  Haven't seen one yet, so no opinion on how the grip has changed.

Back to unpleasant, with information that's no surprise to anyone with a brain:
The majority of the Isil extremists who carried out the November 13 Paris attacks entered Europe while posing as migrants, Hungarian security officials have disclosed. 

Seven of the attackers, who killed 130 people and left more than 360 others injured, slipped through Hungary's borders while posing as migrants.
According to Hungary's centre for counter-terrorism, the group of fanatics set up a "logistics hub" in the country in the summer of 2015 and began using the so-called Balkans route of eastern European countries to move fighters trained in Syria into Europe.

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