Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Brought to you by the Clinton Crime Family and Eric Holder II

Hillary Clinton was never in any danger of prosecution for mishandling classified documents on her infamous homebrew email server, according to a book set to rock the election season.

The fix was in, thanks to Bill Clinton's plan to ambush Attorney General Loretta Lynch when their private jets were at the Phoenix airport at the same time.

The former president told his pilot to abort a takeoff, according to Ed Klein in his latest book, 'Guilty as Sin,' when a Secret Service agent told him Lynch was about to land.

'Don't take off!' Bill shouted.
'He knew it would be a huge embarrassment to Loretta when people found out that she had talked to the husband of a woman – the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party – who was under criminal investigation by the FBI,' the adviser explained to Klein.

'But he didn't give a damn. He wanted to intimidate Loretta and discredit Comey's investigation of Hillary's emails, which was giving Hillary's campaign agita.'
Ultimately, Klein reports, Lynch told the former president that there was no chance of his wife being indicted or prosecuted for exposing state secrets to hackers and foreign adversaries.

She made the same pledge to President Barack Obama and his key adviser Valerie Jarrett, even though the Department of Justice is nominally independent of the White House.
And from the slimy bastard Comey, of the rusted-out 'iron integrity',
And the easy-going Comey, whom many observers pegged for a principled good egg, turned into a pragmatist driven by, according to Klein, 'huge ambition and an instinct for political survival.'

Our Attorney General and EffingBI Director: "Screw the truth, screw justice, I'm protecting myself."

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