Saturday, October 08, 2016

If the PROM State Police and National Guard have enough time for this crap,

that should mean that actual crimes and stuff are all cleared up, right?
According to the Daily Hampshire Gazette, Margaret Holcomb had been growing the marijuana plant as a medicine. She reportedly used the marijuana to ease her arthritis and glaucoma and to help her sleep at night.
Please note 'plant', singular.
On September 21, a military-style helicopter and police arrived at Holcomb's home, entered her backyard and cut down the plant, the Daily Hampshire Gazette reports.
Your War On Drugs in action.

From the original article,
Holcomb said he was at his mother’s home eating a late lunch with his sister when they heard whirring blades and looked up to see a military-style helicopter circling the property, with two men crouching in an open door and holding a device that he suspects was a thermal imager to detect marijuana plants. 
Within 10 minutes of the helicopter departing, several vehicles arrived at the home, including a pickup truck with a bed filled with marijuana plants seized at other locations, and several State Police troopers, including one who flashed his badge.

“He asked me if I knew there was a marijuana plant growing on the property. I didn’t answer the question. I asked, ‘What are you doing here?’” Holcomb recalled.

Holcomb said he was told that as long as he did not demand that a warrant be provided to enter the property or otherwise escalate the situation, authorities would file no criminal charges.
"Mention the Constitution, and somebody is going to jail."  Wonderful.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I certainly feel an awful lot safer now.

Also, aren't there laws against using the Army for internal law enforcement? Something something posse comitatus? *laugh track goes here*