Wednesday, July 08, 2015

"Tonight on MythMakers!

Hillary says "I never got any subpoena!"  Except she really did!"

This is so friggin' stupid; to lie about something like this that's been on the news in the past, and the proof she had to KNOW was going to be trotted out...  Can she just not help herself, or is she so stuck on "The media will cover for me" that she doesn't care?

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Pawpaw said...

You don't understand how to parse the question. Did she actually get the subpoena (personal service) or did one of her staffers sign for it? If she wasn't personally served, she can claim that she didn't get the subpoena.

Of course, she's a lying, back-stabbing, money-grubbing Arkansas politico, so I consider the proper polygraph to be her lips. If they're moving, she's lying. Still, the Dems are lined up behind her. So there's that.