Wednesday, July 08, 2015

'Only LE can be trusted', etc.

ABC7 News has also learned that the suspect allegedly used a gun that was stolen from a U.S. Bureau of Land Management agent's car.

Investigators are working to determine how Sanchez got the gun, if he stole it or if he found it, as he told ABC7 News in an exclusive jailhouse interview. The gun is a semi-automatic gun which divers found the day after the shooting in the waters off Pier 14. It is unclear whether the firearm was a government-issued service weapon or a personally owned gun.
That's from one of the articles linked.   So, you've got a illegal alien, multiple felony convictions, deported multiple times, still coming back to the cesspit of San Francisco specifically because it's a sanctuary city, who commits ANOTHER crime, this one a murder, and it's with a gun from a federal agent.

AND the democrats- including that slimy bastard sheriff for the county- say it's all the Republicans fault.  And being a sanctuary city is wonderful(if  you ignore the murders and rapes and such), because sensitive.  Or something.

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