Monday, July 06, 2015

Some of the things I learned today on Bookface

If you bring up bad points about Obamacare, you want people to die.
There ARE no problems with Obamacare.
If you point to cost increases, or other slight problems("Keep my insurance my ass, those lying bastards!"), that's all right-wing lies.
Refuse to buy that, (once again)You Want People To DIE!
All those horror stories in the Brit news about the NHS?  The problems in Canada?  All lies and exaggerations.  Because Right-Wing Hates Poor People or something.
There is no free market so regulate insurance(ask them why, and they really don't like it).

It's amazing.  And scary.  And if it weren't for everyone else being dragged into this pit I'd wish them well and wave goodbye.

Oh, one more thing: get the "I couldn't get insurance before, and it saved me!" stuff, ask "What about the people who lost theirs, wound up with higher costs/deductibles, etc?  Do they count, or is "I got what I wanted, screw them" all that counts?"  They'll either deny it happened(at all to anybody), ignore you, or get pissed.

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Titan Mk6B said...

The moment that law was signed will probably be pointed to as the moment that the shuttle cock was pulled and the United States really began sinking.

That law probably killed more jobs than the recession.