Sunday, July 05, 2015

Doing my part to stir the point-shooting pot,

words from someone generally acknowledged to know what he's speaking about:
“Jelly” Bryce, one of the greatest police gunfighters of the first half of the 20th century, was famous for his point-shooting skills. He killed many an armed criminal firing that way. Being able to fire and hit without the sights in a perfect sight picture is, without question, a useful survival skill. As with so many elements of gunfight survival, it’s not a question of this or that—it’s a mandate for this and that.
I will now go refresh my reading of No Second-Place Winner and wait for someone to tell me point-shooting is stupid.


Anonymous said...

I only own two handguns a 1911A1 and a SAA .45LC. The same people who advocate "X" "sight training" will swear that you MUST shoot "X" hundred rounds a week if you have any hope of hitting a barn door,and are the same ones that say I MUST have the latest HI CAP mag ,LAZER sighted plastic space gun (with a million CP flashlight) in order to survive a trip to Wal-Mart, lest the EBT card addicted zombie Mexican lot lizards eat me. They are the same people that scream in horror at my M-1 Garand's "8 round mag" being "to small for you to in survive combat" all the while sporting a 20 pound AR-15 "gizmo gun" and the latest camo of the week. Firearms and shooting have become as fad driven as high school cheer leading. This is not about guns or gear or targets or looking cool to impress. Guns are about killing. How you do that only matters if you hit the target. ---Ray

skidmark said...

I can see the front sight if I put on my reading glasses but then I can't see somebody standing 2 feet away. If I take my reading glasses off I can see everything that is more than 12 inches away but not my front sight. Some call it muscle memory. Some call it indexing. I call it a whole lot more chance of going home.

stay safe.