Sunday, July 05, 2015

What do you expect from Democrat operatives?

OK, back? That the press went along with this with such docility tells you everything you need to know about which party they support — they are, as Glenn likes to say, Democratic operatives with bylines. If they were real journalists, or if this technique was employed a GOP presidential campaign, their first thought would be: I’m cutting the rope. Even if I don’t have a knife. I’ll start sawing away with car keys — or simply duck under it, just to see what happens next.

Because what happens next is a headline. One that will quickly become what former AP man Joseph Campbell calls a classic media myth that feeds upon itself: HILLARY’S GOONS HARASS JOURNALIST. JOURNALIST HAULED AWAY BY CLINTON SECURITY.  I BROKE HILLARY’S PRESS BLOCKADE! A real journalist would dine out on the headline for months.
But a real journalist(i.e. 'reporter') wouldn't have been putting up with this crap in the first place.

Well, dumbass won't do that again.
C'mon ON, people, what part of 'Big toothy lizards that eat anything they catch' is so hard to understand?

Over 25 years, he calculated, a single “shale gas pad” covering five acres, with a drilling rig 85ft high (only needed for less than a year), would produce as much energy as 87 giant wind turbines, covering 5.6 square miles and visible up to 20 miles away. Yet, to the greenies, the first of these, capable of producing energy whenever needed, without a penny of subsidy, is anathema; while the second, producing electricity very unreliably in return for millions of pounds in subsidies, fills them with rapture.

So that wonderful bunch of professional journalists at the BBC decided to destroy a seriously good cancer scientist: why?  Because they could?  They wanted another notch on their SJW-in-good-standing card?  Because they were too effing stupid to understand what he said?
Second: the Royal Society’s Diversity Committee?  Assholes all from the sound of it.
Second, it appears that members of the Royal Society’s Diversity Committee, Britain’s leading organisation of scientists, had slammed Sir Tim before he’d even said a word to the media.

The BBC?
Then there’s the BBC, which seems to have put words in Sir Tim’s mouth. The Today show quoted him as referring to “women in the lab” and “the trouble with women”. But those words were not in any audio of him they broadcast.

Did he say that? They wouldn’t answer me.
I’ve asked the BBC to release the full audio of what Sir Tim said in his Today interview, and the questions he was asked.

So far they’ve refused to do that. If the Beeb has evidence that can clear him, they have a duty to provide it. Let’s hear that entire tape.
Assholes all.


Roger Ritter said...

If you're ever asked to do a media interview, or to speak in a public forum, make sure you record it yourself. That will give you a solid response to bullshit like this.

Firehand said...

Read a piece a year or so ago on exactly that: "I'm sure you won't mind if I record this, too." Apparently a lot of media weenies freak when you do that. 60 Minutes once got their ass handed to them over very deceptive(to say the least) editing due to the guy recording, so now they refuse to let anyone else record.

If they're that worried it's because they want the freedom to screw with things, so screw them.