Thursday, April 16, 2015

"Only cops are well-trained enough", etc.

And a bad story gets worse.
Now sources say that Bates, 73, received no firearm or field training before being assigned to the county's Violent Crimes Task Force and that supervisors actually falsified records to make it appear Bates had received the state-required training.

Sources within the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office told Tulsa World that they were instructed to give Bates credit for field training he never received and firearms certifications he didn't have when he applied as an advanced reserve deputy in 2007.
And worse:
At least three of reserve deputy Robert Bates’ supervisors were transferred after refusing to sign off on his state-required training, multiple sources speaking on condition of anonymity told the World.

[...] Additionally, Sheriff Stanley Glanz told a Tulsa radio station this week that Bates had been certified to use three weapons, including a revolver he fired at Harris. However, Glanz said the Sheriff’s Office has not been able to find the paperwork on those certifications.
If this is indeed the case, every bastard involved in faking the records for this guy need to be fired and prosecuted.  And sued(which I'm sure the family will take care of).  There is absolutely zero excuse for garbage like this.

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Ben C said...

I have to ask, who the heck is this guy to have that kind of pull from above to drive that kind of behavior though?