Thursday, April 16, 2015

Yeah, it's the National Enquirer, but you can't dismiss this

solely on that basis; remember John Edwards?

So, if true, the usual suspects will be out in full throat defending her, and any homosexual activists she's previously offended will be out with them(because lesbian), which most of them were going to do anyway. 

To me, the big problem here is it demonstrates just how sloppy and insecure that server of hers was, and how sloppy and insecure she was in using it.  I mean, come ON, if she can't keep personal and business stuff separate on it?  And it wasn't secure?  It's so bad she said something like "I can't be sure the personal stuff is separate, and I don't want anyone seeing any of that, so just delete all of it!  You think Holder is going to charge ME?"

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