Tuesday, April 14, 2015

This is an explanation for the Taurus QC problems

I hadn't thought of:
I would love to say I am surprised at the Taurus Rep reaction, but it would be a lie. Taurus, like many Latino-Based companies, still has not figured out that the US Market favors the consumer and suffer with the Take-It-Or-Leave-It attitude because consumers will gladly leave it and go to the competition.

And that is the concept that is hard to swallow to Latino business people: Competition. The Latin business model is one of oligopoly or downright monopoly and that affects both quality control and good prices.
I've known some people who had a Taurus and loved it, and at least an equal number of  "At least it goes 'bang' ".  The latter including a Tracker .41 Mag revolver with visible machining marks in the chambers(yes, all of them), and a Model 92 clone that had to have both the front and rear sights kicked way over to the sides to get it on target.  Combine that with all the "Guess what happened with this piece of crap" stories on gun blogs and forums, well, it does not give confidence.

Really too bad.  They've got lots of good stuff, and if they'd make sure it all left the factory in the condition it should, they'd be selling everything to everybody.

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Anonymous said...

Years ago I bought a PT145 because ten rounds of 45 in a super compact package sounded great. It would have been great if it had been made by someone else.

As it was the pistol wasn't terrible, but the barrel was badly finished with obvious tool marks left in the bore - which was also slightly large for a 45. With jacketed bullets it still went bang every time and hit what I was aiming at.

Since I had intended to shoot a lot of cast through it I was pretty disappointed though.

Wound up selling it to a friend of a friend who wanted a small carry gun and wasn't going to shoot cast loads anyway.