Saturday, April 18, 2015

In the long run, this "Let's pretend it's not racial violence" crap

is not doing anyone any favors.  It's not holding the guilty responsible, and it's showing a double-standard: anyone doubt that if a white mob attacked black people there's be screaming from all these clowns about racist violence?  But a black mob attacks whites...
In September 2014, hundreds of black people rampaged through the parking lot of a Kroger grocery store, destroying property and attacking clerks. On the video that went viral, the videographer exclaims with glee: “Hold on, they got a white dude,” she said. “They are going to fight. They are going to jack. They got a white dude.”

The violence was an assault, not a fight, that left one white clerk unconscious outside the store.

The night before, the daughter of a local talk show host witnessed a mob attack at a local carnival. The culprits? Large groups of black people. The incident never made the local press.

Within a month “the teens attack again,” said a reporter at the Channel 10 news station in October “This time the scene was caught on camera inside a Memphis apartment complex. Caught in the fight were a woman in a wheelchair and a months old baby.”
And the inevitable excuse:
“The Kroger attack? That’s what kids do,” said one black person to the station. “It’s fun. But to be honest, police make you want to do it.”
No, the cops are your excuse for doing it.  And for not holding these bastards to account.  So what will the excuse be when they turn on you?  Still going to blame the cops?

Of course they will.  And white people in general.  Because holding these black teenagers responsible for being violent little shits is unthinkable, because Black.

Not going to end well, folks.

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