Monday, April 13, 2015

Ok, the next version of the project updated

After the idea for a AR-10 in .30-30 fell through, I've been bouncing around what to do with that upper.  Finally decided on building it up in .338 Federal.

Added: assuming I read correctly, it's a low-profile DPMS receiver

Miracle of miracles, I found a barrel, so have that.  Next step is 'What handguard?'  I've been browsing around, and there are so many styles it's spooky, and you could loose hours looking at them.  Question for those with some knowledge:
If you were building a AR-10 for hunting and target shooting, what would you use?  Doesn't need/I don't want rails all over*.  I tend to think something with a flatter or oval bottom might be better.  Strong enough that you could put a sling swivel out there and not worry about the thing bending.

Any suggestions?

*Yeah, being able to clip a bipod on might be nice, which only requires a small length on the bottom.


Gregg said...

Which pattern is the receiver?
Do you have an Armalite AR-10 pattern, or a DPMS/SR25 pattern? If DPMS, do you have a high or low pattern receiver?

That alone will narrow down the handguards available.

Anonymous said...

Might look at Midwest Industries

Had a couple of AR15 made by a wounded warrior, they were made for varmit (coyote) hunting. One was pretty basic, rail on top and nothing else. Gave it to my sister and she loves it. Tried to email you a picture, but I screwed something up.

Firehand said...

Gregg, that was something I just learned about recently, had to look back to be sure which one I have.

Anony, I'll take a look.

0007 said...

Should have mentioned this sooner regarding your desire for a 30-30 in your Ar platform. Suggest you consider he .30 Remington , which was Remington's version of Winchester's popular 30-30. It used a rimless case but was otherwise ballistically identical.
I actually had a Remington bolt gun that would shoot either cartridge by simply changing out the bolt.

Firehand said...

Had some friends come into an old Remington slide-action in .30 Rem. Checked around and discovered that that cartridge is pretty much un-doable anymore: no brass, no dies available(at least that I could find). Which sucks, as it was a lovely old rifle.