Thursday, April 16, 2015

Does not sound like the way to reassure people

that you're not up to something.
Sources in attendance in the Real County Courthouse told PJ Media that Pawlak said the military would be in Texas to train for “unconventional warfare suited to large land, low population areas.”  There would be no aircraft, he said, but there would be firing of blank ammunition and grenade simulators. He said that the participants would be clearly marked with orange arm bands on their left arms.

This contradicts earlier reports that participants in Jade Helm would be indistinguishable from the general population.
This part, not a big surprise; maybe someone had a rush of intelligence and realized that people in plain clothes and shooting 'blanks and grenade simulators' in a state
Worried about cartel smugglers and violence,
Worried about terrorists sneaking across the border, and
Where a lot of people are armed to the teeth
might not be the best of ideas.  It's this part that bothers me:
Others in attendance report that the citizens sought to ask questions and that county officials said no questions would be allowed from the floor.  Those in attendance were so angry and concerned that they refused to be silenced and shouted questions from the floor to Pawlak and to the Commissioners Court.
You'd think they'd WANT people to ask questions, if only to pretend(if you were pretending) to have some concern for local thoughts; saying "No questions, sit down and shut up" obviously isn't going to go over well.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it throw a major monkey wrench in the works if everybody in that county (and anywhere else this 'exercise' is going on) started sporting orange arm bands? Not saying that our troops shouldn't be getting the most viable training possible BUT there are waaay too many unanswered questions involving the training methodology.

OTB MCPO sends...........

Tony Tsquared said...

This is going to happen in Texas, the state that has more guns per capita than any other state? I don't see this as a wise move. Some cowboy with a 45 is going to take out Ricky Recruit that is popping off M203 training rounds. Way too many people carry in Texas, this sounds almost as smart as letting police use flash-bangs.