Friday, April 17, 2015

Part of why son didn't re-up a second time

Let's see - the military was sent into a hell hole to fight with their hands tied behind their backs, and then were pulled out so they could watch the areas they conquered by loss of their friends be over-run by maggot terrorists while the politicians crowed and crowed. And the politicians wonder why the soldier's morale is low?

The world is run by idiots that can't remember what happened yesterday
Actually, they can remember; they don't care.

And this:
Ok, this comment is completely biased as a vet who just spent 2 1/2 months in a VA hosp. and spoke at length to many recently discharged vets. They are uniformly p!ssed. The army is currently culling any and all combat vets they deem "not playing well in sandbox with others". You don't like the new "Rainbow " regs, you're out, point out readiness issues being covered up? Out. Tired of constant chickensh!t diversity classes/re-education? Out. The list is endless and breath taking in it's effect. Over 15k combat arms NCO's released from service since 2012 before ETS. Ditto junior officers. Breathe wrong and you're barred from re-enlistment. There is a truly fundamental transformation taking place under our noses, the warfighters are being replaced by petty bureaucrats and social diversity placeholders. Promotion boards are no longer based on merit, but more closely resemble EEOC hearings. This could be Obama's most lasting and deadly legacy, an Army that can no longer fight, much less win. This will not end well.
But most of the politicians don't care, because it won't be their ass on the line.

No, this won't end well.  The question is how much blood it will cost before some of this can get straightened out.

I'm remembering the father who called an admiral who showed up at the funeral about the idiot ROE his deceased son had written to him about, and the admiral offering "Well, it might get some people killed now, but it will pay off in the future!"
How the father kept from kicking the shit out of said admiral, I do not know.


Phelps said...

Actually, we'll have two armies.

One will be a bunch of PC pansies in uniform.

The other will be battle hardened combat vets in T-shirts.

Which one would you bet on?

MauserMedic said...

Read David Hackworth's books. This shit happens after every major war. Fighters get kicked out, and the bureaucrats in uniform prance out of the their hidey holes to take over since the danger is over.

It's a military tradition.

Firehand said...

Read one of his some years back; it was profoundly depressing and disgusting. Right now, I may have to wait a while to find another one.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why my youngest son was not allowed to join, why my oldest son got out, and why I retired at 21 years. Kids today ask me questions of how was it, did you shoot anyone, blah, blah, blah. But they NEVER ask if it would be good for them to join. That's a good thing because I would do everything I could to talk them out of it. To echo what Phelps says, the combat hardened vets is t-shirts will be the ones that stop the uniformed pansies when they just too far from the Constitution. I will be one of those in a t-shirt.