Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Speaking of the range, more light-load tests

After some more reading on the subject, I decided to try using 5.0 of Unique out in .30-30, 7.62x54r, and .30-06.  Gave them a try today.  

.30-30 used the same three bullets as in the 3.0 grains of Bullseye experiment.

.32 semi-wadcutter

and, as a pleasant surprise, the .32 wadcutter
Yes, that's four in that nice cloverleaf, and I'm willing to blame myself for that one left-low.

And, just as a try, the Lyman 115-grain spitzer designed for the .30 Carbine, used as-cast, lubed with Liquid Alox, no gas-check.
All show well.  The roundnose, SWC and spitzer all fed with no problems; the wadcutter has to be loaded individually.  Recoil was along the lines of 'Oh, the rifle shifted slightly'.  Slightly different points of impact vertically between some.  The SWC and wadcutter ought to be death on small pests and varmints at short range.  This being a tube-magazine I did not try feeding the spitzers from it, as- even with such light-recoil loads- you shouldn't put pointed-nose bullets in a tube mag.

The 7.62x54r, with the SWC bullet and this load,  was so-so.
whereas the E-Treme 123-grain plated shot ok

It appears that center hole is for two of the five. 
Frankly, it may be that with a bit better light and more solid rest the SWC loads may have looked better; that was the last group of the day and I'd started being distracted by the Tommy gun.

I did try .30-06 with the 115-grain spitzer, no gas-check, with this load
Left target shot with the bullet seated to the crimp groove, on the right seated to the first lube groove.  That one I'll try again.

This is mostly for fun, seeing what can do with light bullets and very light propellant charges.  Five grains equals 1400 charges from a pound of powder, not much noise and almost no recoil.  Be great loads to teach a new shooter with.

And I'm curious, would that SWC load shoot better in a different Mosin-Nagant?  How would it work in a Lee Enfield?  Makes me wish I had more rifles, and a range in the back yard.

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