Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Leftist admits mindset; Nobody surprised

University of Chicago Professor Eric Posner said that universities were well within their rights to limit the free speech and behavior of their students as college students need to be treated like children instead of adults.

“Critics complain that universities are treating adults like children,” Posner wrote in an article for Slate. “The problem is that universities have been treating children like adults.”
“If students want to learn biology and art history in an environment where they needn’t worry about being offended or raped, why shouldn’t they,” he said, even suggesting that libertarians should “reflect on the irony that the private market, in which they normally put their faith, reflects a preference among students for speech restrictions.”
Correction: leftist assholes want to censor the speech of anyone who doesn't agree with them; that's hardly 'private market'.  But Posner knows that.

Also, note that he lumps 'being offended' in with being 'raped'.  Nasty little bastard, isn't he?"

And from his spiritual followers, we have the spectacle of trying to tell the other side of a matter being labeled as 'trying to prevent an informed electorate'.
Only in your twisted mind, clown.

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