Friday, February 20, 2015

"Nobody wants to take your guns!" my ass, Part 479: (update)

Not the multiple levels of stupid:
Basic enumerated right 'obsolete'.
Basic enumerated right 'special privilege for whites'(see 'Racist roots of gun control')
He does have one thing right: individual thought is very dangerous to nasty little bastards like him.

Update: I'm told this may be a troll of the 'muskets only' types


bill russell said...

Who says I'm not entitled to the 2nd amendment? That's the problem with you left wing yahoos you think just because you're black you're entitled to special privileges. I am so thankful we had smart presidents that allowed this stuff. Collective thought is very dangerous and we need to stamp it out

Sigivald said...

I call fake.

Plenty of people really do think the 2nd Amendment is obsolete or that somehow it's a special white thing (despite all the facts to the contrary).

But I've never seen any person but a troll say "individual thought is very dangerous".

Even if someone thinks it, they all know better than to say it, because their side doesn't even like it.

Anonymous said...

So I would put this question to Mr. LaBraunt:

Despite having a signed document detailing a payment schedule with which he has faithfully complied, would you object if your bank foreclosed on your property? After all - the mortgage contract you signed is nearly 30 years old by now and surely it's obsolete and we can do what we want?

What people like him do not understand is that the constitution is a contract between the Government and we citizens. If they seek to abrogate their responsibilities and refuse to acknowledge their limits as spelled out in that document, we should then consider ourselves free to ignore those sections of the document we don't much care for. I personally would start with Amendment 16...