Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Yeah, I can see a security concern; problem is, that's diluted

by the "We don't want people to know where speed traps are!".  And, as NYPD (unintentionally I think) demonstrated, a helluva lot of modern LE is little more than money-raising.

Scientist named Freeman Dyson had an exchange with a enviroweenie; did not go well for the weenie.  Short version:
Weenie: Since we all agree on x, y and z, then g HAS to be true.
Dyson: No, I do NOT agree on those three, therefore no it doesn't.
Weenie: But the consensus!
Dyson: doesn't mean squat.  Now go away.

Yeah, they really do hate our freedoms.  In part because it prevents them from being able to kill anyone who disagrees with them,

Sen. Harry Reid: hypocritical, vile, whining little shit.

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