Thursday, January 29, 2015

Why don't people trust the government, some agencies in particular?

Well, to start with, because they're full of crooked bastards like these.
Also contained in the narrative is the judge’s unequivocal opinion that Dobyns was not only clearly exonerated for the fire that destroyed his home – a smear intended to cast his character and motives into doubt – but that ATF officials knew he was innocent, and behaved in a manner that was “reprehensible” and actually “compounded the potential harm that might have befallen the Dobyns family." And testimony presented later in the opinion further revealed that reopening the arson case was discouraged by ATF’s Chief Counsel’s Office because it “would damage [the] civil case.”

Further reading confirms copies of the judgment were served to Attorney General Eric Holder, as well as to the DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility and the Office of Inspector General. Leaving the door open for further action, the opinion noted pending a final response from DOJ, “the court will reserve the question whether one or more of defendant’s attorneys acted in violation of the court’s rules and should be disciplined thereunder."
I'll believe it when he actually goes after the lying lawyers of DoJ, but it would be a real step forward for Truth, Justice and the American Way.

And there's this piece of work who never should've been working at DHS in the first place.  But we're supposed to trust DHS.

Why I despise these people so much:
On December 15 Breitbart News reported McAuliffe’s gun control proposals not only included limits on how often a gun could be purchased and a closure of the so-called “gun show loophole,” but new limits on the way gun show venders could advertise their products. The controls also would have allowed the state to revoke concealed carry permits for persons who were delinquent on child support.
Have any idea how many ways someone can wind up being declared 'delinquent on child support'?  They want any way possible to screw with as many people as possible, and they'll use ANYTHING they think will yank on peoples feelings to do it.

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