Saturday, January 31, 2015

Like most everyone else who carries,

I've got a bag of holsters.  And I had something reinforced a few days back about them:

It being a quite warm day for this time of year, I used an old Fobus paddle holster to carry to the outdoor range.*  And when I went over to the pistol side for a bit, I tried a bit of draw & fire.

Well, it wasn't good.  I've been using a IWB holster for all my belt-carry for years, and that's what I'm used to drawing from.  The little bit of further out and not-as-solid difference made drawing clumsy.  And slower.  And a bit scary.  NOT confidence-inspiring at all.  So back to the IWB, at least until I can save up and get one of Michaels' rigs for OWB, something that'll keep it in tight as I'm used to.

*Shut up; long-ago purchase.  And it was handy at times


Pawpaw said...

For belt carry, the very best I've found is the Safariland 6377. It's not very concealable, but it is very secure and the draw is easy and fast. Generally available for under $50.00 everywhere, they come with a belt loop and a paddle. You can switch them as you please.

Firehand said...

Both ways? Damn, I'll have to check it out