Thursday, January 29, 2015

A warning from the events in Europe

Did you see the news last week about the terrorist cell operating in Belgium? They were preparing a terrorist attack in that country and were arrested just a few hours before the start of their attack. How were they going to do it? They had Belgian police uniforms, explosives, and rifles. The terrorists were going to dress as cops, bomb police stations and shoot citizens in the street.
Some 'What ifs' about such an event here, and things to watch for.  And a warning:
I have a friend who works on an FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in one of the largest cities in the USA.  His unit has been investigating regular burglaries of dry cleaning businesses for years.  In these burglaries, the only items taken are police uniforms that officers have dropped off for cleaning.  This has been happening for almost 10 years and you don’t hear a thing about it in the media.  We’re ripe for an attack of this nature.

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