Monday, January 26, 2015

That $15/hour minimum wage?

Yeah, about like we thought.
But a new analysis by Oregon's nonpartisan Legislative Revenue Office suggests the figure would be much smaller, at least for a hypothetical single parent with two children. The actual increase under a $15.10 minimum wage, once lost food stamps and tax refunds are taken into account, would be just $49 a month.

The report, requested by Rep. Julie Parrish, R-West Linn, illustrates the challenge of reconciling an increase in the minimum wage with government assistance programs. It shows that raising wages — without other changes — would offer little help or even hurt low-wage workers.
Look for the next "We have to save people!" to be along the lines of "We need to expand food stamps and such to people with higher wages to fix this!"  Which means more tax money needed, etc. ad "We're screwed".

On general principles, a report on islamic radicalization that Comrade Mayor and CAIR want to disappear, I want spread around.  Therefore, thanks to Weaponsman, we have the NYPD report: radicalization in the West(pdf).  Copy it, spread it around.  You'll annoy hell out of all the right people.

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Meryl said...

raising the minimum wage was just a ruse. What really happens is the governments (fed, state, local) get more tax revenue in social security, medicare tax, income taxes and so on. Those who vote for raising the minimum wage just voted to tax themselves more.