Friday, January 30, 2015

Maybe coming soon to a ATM near you!

ATM machines are vulnerable because the strongbox inside an ATM has two essential holes: a small slot in front that spits out bills to customers and a big door in back through which employees load reams of cash in large cassettes. "Criminals have learned to see this simple enclosure as a physics problem," writes Summers. "Gas is pumped in, and when it's detonated, the weakest part—the large hinged door—is forced open. After an ATM blast, thieves force their way into the bank itself, where the now gaping rear of the cash machine is either exposed in the lobby or inside a trivially secured room. Set off with skill, the shock wave leaves the money neatly stacked, sometimes with a whiff of the distinctive acetylene odor of garlic."
So if you hear a 'thump' coming from the convenience store down the street, it might not be what you first thought.

I used to know someone who got seriously bent out of shape when I mentioned Democrats and Occupy marching with commies; those side-by-side banners and signs at marches meant NOTHING, do you hear?  I'm sure there'd be some similar 'Means nothing!' dismissal of this.

Because commies and Dems working together doesn't mean Dems have anything to do with Communists, oh no!

Because a rich celebrity getting “up to £1,000 a day” of benefits out of the public purse is the same as a destitute single mom asking for help.  Therefore the parasite celebrity has to be allowed this largesse and defended. 

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