Thursday, January 29, 2015

First think I want to know: why aren't the morons responsible for this

displaying their new tar and feathers adornment?
This is freaking TEXAS, and all they've got is
The Gustine School District Superintendent Ken Baugh has stated that an investigation is underway. He has acknowledged that the action was inappropriate and “went too far,” but also told reporters that children were asked to lower their pants “only a little.”
I predict the school board meeting will get loud.  Damn well should.

Speaking of idiots...
You see, by being a stay at home parent, you are a recipient of government benevolence because your “labor” is not taxed. Funny. We were always under the impression that it was income that was taxed, not labor. But the moonbats are actually arguing that by performing labor without income, you are technically stealing—or at least receiving benefits—from the government. Your labor is not your own.
If you risk brain cells by going to The Nation,  you'll find that it's unfair to tell women on welfare "Have more kids, no more money."  Because welfare clowns getting more money for more kids is just like working families with a stay-at-home parent getting a tax break.

An opinion on another reason so much of the left hates American Sniper:
But could there be more to this rabid vitriol than "just" hostility toward America's fighting men and women? Seattle Gun Rights Examiner Dave Workman speculates that the movie, in which rifles not far removed from what millions of American hunters take into the woods every year are used to kill the enemy from 1,000 or more yards away, could be just what the gun ban zealots think they need to help them push a ban of popular hunting rifles, as "too dangerous" for civilians.

Actually, that wouldn't be a new development, with the Violence Policy Center having espoused such bans on what they call "intermediate sniper rifles" (to distinguish them from "heavy sniper rifles"--mostly firing the .50 BMG cartridge) since 2001. If that effort ever comes to fruition, does anyone seriously believe they'll not eventually find their way to warning us of the dangers of private citizens' access to "light sniper rifles"?
And let's not forget that the idiots don't like private citizens having guns that are too accurate.  Or being 'too skilled' in using them.

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