Saturday, January 31, 2015

I haven't read this whole piece yet, but this bit

sounds just like the fake gang-rape story:
“Political correctness, speech codes, hate-crime hoaxes: these are all efforts by a very small number of people to control what is said and how it is said,” Goldberg explains. “I don’t think any women’s studies professors are looking to Mussolini or Georges Sorel for inspiration. But what they are doing is trying to manufacture crises that give them more authority and power.

Translation from FDIC: "The heat is on, and we don't like it, so ease off."    Of course, the heat wouldn't be on if these bastards hadn't started this crap.

Yes, the chickenshits must be very careful with that word 'terrorist', it might upset someone.

Of course, some of them aren't chickenshits; they're actually on the other side.

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