Tuesday, January 20, 2015

So the excuse for using flash-bangs in 85% of raids

is a large service of warrants without gunfire; problem is, how much gunfire did you see before that when all you were getting is minor drug paraphernalia?

Real translation: "We've got these, and we like using them, so piss off."

Wonder just how many injuries, from hearing loss on up, they've caused with this crap?

On Holder cutting back on asset forfeiture, more on the holes in the announcement.  And an interesting bit of information:
...numerous news reports have found that drug cops patrolling the highways are more likely to pull over suspected drug couriers as they’re leaving major metropolitan areas than as they’re entering them. The reason is simple: As they enter, they’re more likely to be carrying drugs. As they’re leaving, they’re more likely to be carrying cash. Forfeiture provides an incentive for the police to wait until the drugs have been sold.
Real serving and protecting, huh?

Be it noted: Michael Moore is a lying, corrupt, hypocritical chickenshit who wants to slime people and then pretend he didn't.

And either his knowledge of history is crap, or he's pulling this out of his ass; Jesse James was shot by a sniper?  Really, asshole?

I think I first read the phrase "Jews are the canaries in the coal mine" from Joe Huffman; if I were a Jew in Europe right now, I'd be thinking real hard about getting out.  Israel or here, with here having a preference because unless you end up in one of the People's Republics it's easy to own arms.

And I'd want them.

Well, of course Democrats and media are crapping on her; she's not a Democrat or a leftist, so she barely counts as human, let alone female.

Hey, that retired general whacking on the M-16 family?  Seems there's a bit of interesting history on the guy; go take a look.

That's about all I'm going to mess with for now, as the health situation has moved to dry coughing, headache and other connected unpleasantness. 


Phelps said...

I worked on some litigation for a company that made flash-bangs (and no longer does.) Their take, 10 years ago? "These guys forget that these things are explosives. We do everything we can to make them non-lethal, but it's still an effing bomb. Treat it like a very controlled bomb."

Tam said...

There's a tendency to be too casual with everything from baton rounds to bangers on the part of some folks who didn't get the message the the term was changed from "Less-Than-Lethal" to "Less-Lethal" almost twenty years ago for a reason.

Anonymous said...

"...it's easy to own arms.

And I'd want them."

If I was jewish I'd be LONG past the guns and ammo acquisition stage and would be looking to stock up on cruise missiles.